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lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

Little Berry Tart

Yesterday i made this little, super easy and super cute berry tart.

ingrdients for 9 of these:
● a pack of flaky pastry
● your favorite berry marmelade (i used raspberry)
● 2 tbs of cream
● 50gr of white choccolate
● some fresh berry
● a silicon mould for cupcakes
Well cut nine circles and put in the silicon mould, and oven that for 5 minutes at 100°, at the same time melt the choccolate and when melted add the cream
and now fill the tart, a tbs of marmelade, one of choccolate and some berry!
cut some strip from the remaining pastry and put on your tart
put in the oven until cooked(15minutes 150°)and enjoy ♥♥

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